Time to Blossom!

Time to Blossom!

Spring Jewellery Time at Jewellery by Justine!

🦋It’s that delicious time of the year, where the delight of a new season is upon us!

🌸A change of scenery, decluttering and de-clothing & a mind shift to Bright New Things that alter the brain chemicals in colours that get our synapses popping and thirsty for more!

📿In line with what has now been trending a while over the various ponds, large gemstone beaded bundles of delightful necklaces, bracelets and earrings - in 🍡opal pastels and 🌈bright rainbow hues, delicate smaller precious stones - all the glory of colour - like citrus citrine, alive & bursting with flavour are big, no…HUGE!

🌟I am SO excited about this - when I first saw a string of rubies, hand cut gems  - I honestly nearly fainted….ESPECIALLY because of the incredible value you get when you ‘just happen’ to have own one of these radiant ✨twinkly things✨ glancing up from your wrist, or bouncing back at your reflection - just one look, and I guarantee you will be hooked for life!

🌟Truly they are the ultimate elixir of youth and glow - literally illuminating your skin, and lighting up your soul to boot!

🕵️‍♀️Let me explain this a bit more - when one buys loose stones, you need to set them in a metal, & that racks the price up somewhat.

🕵️‍♀️When you buy a beautiful strand of gems…(from me 🎈🙊🤣  - your trusted self taught Gem Fanatic) - you CAN have that turquoise, peridot, emerald, sapphire, topaz or tourmaline (ok list is endless here) bracelet never mind necklace & earrings - a whole brace of them  - to mix and match - for a fraction of the cost!

🤺It’s NOT that the two compete against each other - it’s just that they are a completely different look - kettle of fish - name it what you will.

🍡But back to Spring, and welcoming it in with open arms - expect to see, from me :) - a beautiful mix of colours: 🍡fresh spritzy stuff - some well loved 🐚classics, our beautiful, shapely, 🦪perennial pearl faves & some fascinatingly different gem cuts & colours - also some really fun stuff, think Grown up Girl baubles - ‘Rich’ 🐠Hippie vibes as in pearls and as in NO plastic - not ever, thank you.
🐋this is not a good deal for our precious planet and especially fishes - all our waste ends up in our seas!

🏝️I’ll be offering a lot of water safe as I am doing quite a bit in silver sterling. One does need to 👙leap into the pool with THAT anklet, or hang out eye worthy on the sand!

💕With all my love - and really, all my deepest gratitude - especially for taking the time to tap my polls, encourage my creativity, and cheer me on.

🙏I appreciate more than you will ever know.

👩🏻‍🎤Sort of lastly: don’t forget to allow yourself to be divinely guided, by being curios & creative! That’s true freedom and joy!


Justine B.


💌PS. Please be patient when ordering gems from me- I need 2 weeks and then a few days courier.

💪I promise I am utterly reliable, communicative and in touch - ask any of my regulars.

🤯I don’t buy masses of one colourway, cut or gemstone - that would defeat the purpose of what I’m offering: hand made jewellery, sometimes One of a Kind gemstone pieces - custom and really special jewelry pieces not widely available down here on the furthest tip of Africa.

🎨Let’s stay with preserving an art form, move away from mass produced - (& quelle horreur plastic!!)

🎨Sometimes I can repeat a  jewellery style, order in a strand in especially for you - but we are up against the dollar, and courier takes time and if I order more often, it gets to be an expensive excercise none of us need😊😊So,  I only buy every 3-6 months - so my regulars put in their wishlist with me - be it a birthstone or something that they’ve been after in a certain size - I will let you know when I am ‘Gone Shopping!’ - Which I promise to share as such on Instagram.


💌💌💌PPS. I am almost instantly available on Instagram - please message me there - FB not so much - just find it hard to manage more than one social media platform:)

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