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Jewellery By Justine

Green Onyx & Butterfly Pearl - Adjustable Necklace

Green Onyx & Butterfly Pearl - Adjustable Necklace

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Colour & Metal

These necklaces are made up from a particularly fine hank of Green Onyx gems - there is a magical glow and play of light within the stones.

Particular to hand polished stones, each gem has an organic shape and natural feel not found in machine cut stones.

We've made this design specifically with easy wear in mind - comfortable to slip on - adjustable so that you can wear with any neckline - and finished with a playful dancing bead and butterfly shaped pearl.

Green Onyx Properties: Green is a calming colour to the eye, and onyx is a calming gemstone - worn to soothe and support inner strength along with willpower.

Metal: Sterling Silver 

Length: Adjustable, Tibetan slider knot

Gemstone: Green Onyx

Care Instructions: Last On/First Off

This is a hardy necklace and the beads are knotted to ensure that you will not lose your precious gems.

If you would like to swim with your piece we recommend restringing yearly, or whenever you notice the knotting between beads has stretched. Gemstones hold their value and can always be reimagined into a new piece.

    • Please take off before swimming, showering or bathing
    • Please avoid direct contact with lotions or perfumes
    • Remove before sleeping
    • Remove before working out
    • Clean & polish gently with a soft cloth
    • Please store them separately in your JBJ pouches 
    • NB. Some metals react to an individual's acidity and sensitivity. 
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